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by Jac La Tour

When you live and work outside the U.S., your banking needs tend to differ from the average consumer. Most people in the states don’t have to worry about exchange rates or international wires. You do. 

A lot of missionaries bank with ECCU because we recognize their banking needs and work hard to meet them. As their number has grown, so has our interest in better understanding who and where they live and serve. Which is where the idea came from for the picture you see here.

The term for a picture like this is infographic. It’s intended to tell a big story quickly with key images and information. This infographic tells a very big part of the ECCU story by showing how…and how far and wide we’re fueling Christ-centered ministry.

Click on the image and check out the story.

To God be the glory.



  1. Calla Jean Wright @ 2013-10-16 11:04

    We have been members of ECCU for so long, I can’t remember when we started. =) We have continued to be members even thought we have retired and live in a city with a lot of banks that are closer.
    You always “been there” for us and your service is both professional and friendly. We will continue to be with you a long time.

    By the way how can a village be uninhabited (as in Russia)?

  2. Melvin and Fran Noah @ 2013-10-16 12:05

    We have used ECCU for many years and have kept it as one of our banks because it is trustworthy. We have appreciated the friendliness and help when we have had a question or problem, even when living in Brazil.

  3. Dan Mills @ 2013-10-16 14:28

    This is great. But I have lived in the Solomon islands and now I live in New Zealand, but you provide no numbers for this yellow portion of your world map (we can hardly even see it). That is disappointing. Now I’m wondering how accurate your 131 countries fact is – does it include me?

  4. Jac La Tour @ 2013-10-16 16:25

    We sure appreciate your loyalty, Calla. Some missionaries don’t realize that their membership can continue even after they leave the mission field. And thanks for the encouraging words. Our goal is for each missionary member to have an experience like yours.

    As for “uninhabited villages,” we got that fact from a list of “75 Interesting Facts about Europe,” which unfortunately didn’t define the term. An online search of “Russia uninhabited villages” found a site that says “uninhabited” means “they have no people living in them.”

  5. Jac La Tour @ 2013-10-16 16:26

    So glad to hear the good report on your experience, Melvin and Fran. Our Member Services team loves serving missionaries. Your comment will encourage them.

  6. Jac La Tour @ 2013-10-16 16:27

    You’re right, Dan. Our apologies. One limitation of infographics is that, as you add graphic elements to them, you don’t have room for all the info. So New Zealand (and the Solomons) got covered up by that interesting fact about Africa. The good news is that the number 131 is accurate. It includes New Zealand, Australia, and other nearby countries. (And the total number of missionaries includes you and the others serving in those countries.) Thanks for helping to clarify!

  7. Daniel Ladner @ 2013-10-18 13:42

    Love the infographic. I have been a member of ECCU for 30 years. I joined when I was a student at BIOLA. When I was living in SE Asia I continued to use ECCU and have ALWAYS found ECCU to be more helpful and friendly than the other bank and credit unions I have also belonged to.

  8. Jac La Tour @ 2013-10-21 11:59

    Thank you, Daniel. So glad “helpful” and “friendly” have been your experience. Those are certainly two goals our Member Services team strives for. Glad we had the privilege of supporting your ministry in SE Asia.

  9. The country with the most official languages should be India, which has 23.

  10. sorry, should be 22 not 23

  11. Jac La Tour @ 2013-11-19 10:08

    Good catch, Jeff!

    Your comment prompted us to do some more digging. Apparently the term “official language” has different definitions. Our original source defines it one way, but then says that from a different perspective, India indeed has the most official languages. Thanks!


  12. Thank you for sharing this. I spent Christmas in Chon Buri, Thailand, four years ago, with my dathguer, husband and son, in a ministry outreach much like this one. It was truly a highlight of my life.

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