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by Jac La Tour

Life on the field is busy—taking care of family, managing the home, pursuing your ministry. Your next home assignment, an event that at one time was in the distant future, is now mere months away. Are you prepared? More specifically, are you financially prepared?

With so many responsibilities, financial planning can take a back seat or seem like a burden. Of course a greater burden is the prospect of facing a major expense without the funds to cover it. The good news is that, with a little help, you can lighten the planning burden so those funds will be available when you need them.

Saving is the way to keep major expenses—like college tuition and home assignment—from weighing too heavily on your budget. And the key to saving is knowing how much you’ll need and for how long. For home assignment, the starting point is to identify your major monthly expense categories. A typical list might include:

  • Housing and household items
  • Transportation and travel
  • Professional services
  • Contingencies (e.g., unexpected travel or a medical emergency)
  • Education

ECCU has two resources to help you prepare. One is a home assignment preparation checklist, which you can use to identify activities and expenses you’ll typically need to consider when preparing for home assignment.

The other resource is ECCU’s new Provision Savings account, which offers premium rates and automatic transfers from your Ambassador Checking account, making saving more convenient so you can stay focused on ministry. To learn more about this new savings account, call Member Services at 800.634.3228 and select option 3, or internationally at 714.671.5705.

Going home should be an exciting season in your ministry. Planning ahead is the way to prevent a lack of funds from turning that excitement into frustration or anxiety.

What are some other ways that you prepare for home assignment?


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